Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Put Your Mouth Where the Money Is"


That is the slogan for McDonalds this October 2nd thru 29th. Monopoly is back at McDonalds, and more exciting than ever! Who is really the one’s more excited? Is it the millions of overweight people in America or the million dollar owners of McDonalds?

This is a serious health problem is occurring in McDonalds this month. Many people are eating McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! McDonalds states that you can find game pieces on:

· New! Big Mac
· New! McMuffin sandwiches
· Large French Fries
· Hash Browns
· Medium and Large drinks
· Premium Chicken Sandwiches
· 3- Piece and 5- piece Chicken Selects.

Why is that each of the above meal pieces range in the highest category in calories and dollars. What I believe is that McDonalds should post a new chart of information where to find game pieces similar to the below chart.

· New! Big Mac (540 cals)
· New! McMuffin sandwiches (300 cals)
· Large French Fries (570 cals)
· Hash Browns (140 cals)
· Medium and Large drinks (203/310 cals)
· Premium Chicken Sandwiches (420 cals)
· 3- Piece and 5- piece Chicken Selects. (382/635 cals)

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