Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Once an Enemy now a Hero!

The fans would always cheer against the #3 red sox center fielder Johnny Damon when at bat. He was notorious for his caveman features, long hair, full face beard, and awkward presence. The Yankee's and Red Sox never got along, fans and even cities hated each other. There was always competition between the two teams.

For Damon in 2005 he drafted to play for the Yankees. Now no one would have ever though for a second that this wold occur. Nor did they think they would be cheering for the notorious baseball player. Although if you heard about this past Monday night's baseball game you would know that New York fans were cheering and applauding the new Yank. Damon turned the game around in the fifth inning when he hit a three-run homer that gave the Yankees hope to continue off in the play-offs. The fans showed much respect and appreciation for the player. Damon stated "It felt great" and "I know the Red Sox are off waiting for the next team, and hopefully that team is us. But i enjoy playing here at Yankee Stadium. I enjoy being with these teammates here. I enjoy doing for the Yankees." This being said he not only won the respect from the fans but also the players like A-Rod he stated " He's the best lead off hitter in the last 10 years in my opinion. He's amazing. Like I say, the name is Johnny Damon and he is very special and i am glad he's on my team"

All i know is that i can not wait to see if the Yankees make it to play against the Red Sox's!!

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