Monday, October 8, 2007

Gunman in small Wisconsin town

Ever wonder why stories about small town incidents never hit front page on the paper? Well i do! This past Sunday October 7th, 2007; a twenty year old full time Forest County deputy sheriff and a part time Crandon police office went on a shooting rampage. Killing six innocent citizens, and injuring others. What they thought would be just a gathering with pizza and movies turned into a tragedy.

Now my question is not only what mad this man kill these people, but why isn't this country more aware of gun control. We are hearing more and more stories about random gunman and shootings than ever before. I found this article in The New York Times. Not on the front cover but in the back of the paper. Why is it that these stories are not concerning the public? Why isn't the government and police doing something serious and effective about gun control?

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Alicia said...

Your an idiot!! Gun controll would NOT have made a differance in this case (or many others for that matter)The man involved in the shooting you are talking about was a police officer so it was part of his job to carry a weapon!! Most Shootings involving guns are because a criminal got the gun illegally, so gun control would not help in those situations either!!! Gun control will just make it harder for Law abiding citizens to protect themselves!!!