Monday, October 29, 2007

A New Hit for New York!!

New York has a baseball hero and fan favorite leaving. Alex Rodriquez has decided to end his 250 million dollar, 10 year contract with the New York Yankee’s. Many may believe this is because of manager Joe Torre leaving the Yankees. In this past month the Yankees let down New York and owners another year in losing in the playoffs. Yankee owner declared that Joe Torre would be let off if they lost. So instead of firing Joe they decided to lower his salary to 5 million instead of 7.5 million. A 2.5 million dollar decrease in salary!! Joe Torre did not take the new offer and passed it by, leaving the New York team. If this did not let down the fans of the Yankee’s then Alex Rodriquez leaving the Yankee’s surely will. Did A-Rod get discouraged by his teams ability to win any upcoming championships? Is there hope of the Yankee’s to come back around and become the champ’s once again? Maybe so, I mean ever since A-Rod came to the New York team the Yankee’s may have gained profits due to his good looks and sharp talent; but did they loss the ability to WIN?talent; but did they loss the ability to WIN?

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