Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Diddy Turned Into Daddy This Past Week!

The 37 year old brooklyn born hip-hop Mogul who owns his own clothing line, fragrance, company, record label, shes, and television shows goes by the name of Sean Combs. Mr. Combs aka Diddy and former wife Kim porter recently gave birth to twins Jessie James and D'Lila Star in December. Combs also has two other children Quincy and Christian whom is 8,with ex-girlfriend Kim. Justin 13 year old is Diddy's other son with ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim. Just when he thought five children were enough DNA proves that Diddy is the father to one year old Chance Chapman Combs, mother is known to be Sarah Chapman.

"At First, I wasn't sure if this was my child," he said. "Now that it has become clear she is, I will take care of her for the rest of her life." Sean Combs stated this after having knowledge of the DNA results. Hopefully Diddy is present in all SIX of his children's lives!


mEmEs0fin3 said...

How can i work for you diddy?

Shannon said...

Hey diddy this Shay here hi no luck in finding a gig I havent been able to watch your show bord go to this library everyday almost Im real diddy i hope you are taking my ideas into consideration since you like all that flashing design stuff leauther pockets all in back silver and black blood red whateve cola its like a metal box wit your man into you choose colers silver black silver gold its flammie im ok oh god my dude is crazy but i love him soo much you cant have this 'you say I talk to much im loud evry thing that I do irriates you I walk on glass and nails I tie toe around your F...... your ego and all I wanna know is it ok If i breath thats the hook is it ok if i breath' i love him cause he wont let me go this to I Try to run but you wont let me go. he makes me raw so many songs they say i look alicia I wonder if she writes as much as me I could write you songs hooks allday but my crazy man will think im shacking with the libriain ill b in touch use my designs please i swear to god you wont ever here me ask for nothing what good is it doing me in my head... lovya friend

Shannon said...

Sorry Diddy I see so many mistakes on my message to you you probably think im ignorant Im not I just be trying to get back home quick I dont want my man thinking Im dipping out on him. I was just sharing the things that I write and the visions that I see. bord and yes I want to work with you please consider having me on your team. The jeans with the cordorial baggie pockets youll make a killing I hate leaving comments to you there not private im the nicest craziest person youll ever come in contact with I mean you no harm just want to enrich your life no one has ever given me a chance farewell diddy you can contact me if you like but i love my privacy heres a last song for you and it goes like this. I would walk through flames just to reach you I would jump out of a plane in the abalashion mountains just to be with you and i would swimm the deepest ocean just to reach you theres so much more but face it im tired diddy of being wide open I wish you the world sorry for not being clear in my comments ima drop back into Shannon and out of Shay the crazy go getter and stop reaching for the stars farewell you can contact me if you want