Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pregnant Again!

Sources tell us that public most notorious is PREGNANT again! Britney Spears is a mother of two children with ex husband Kevin Federline aka "K-FED". Media and celeb gossips queens are having a field day with Ms. Spears lately. First she marries a back up dancer who was once before her ex Justin Timberlake's dancer. Britney then has two children with K-Fed, she then ends things with him and begins to go downhill. People say when she hung out with heiress Paris Hilton she began becoming this monster and not focusing on the important things in her life. She lost all connection with her mother, and then shaves all her hair off her head. She is accused of drug use and now cannot even have full custody of her sons.

So are we to now about to buy all the magazines that have her on the cover. Or do we not buy anything supporting this star, and let the paparazzi realize to let her be and live her own life with media. I say if she is expecting leave her alone and allow her to take full responsibility of her own life.

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