Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Make a Difference

During this Christmas there are many children and families without presents, warm clothes, and even a Christmas tree. Instead of spending time and money on unnecessary things we all should try to take time and notice these people without. Think about what problems, diseases and mental issues they are going through each and everyday. Just this past weekend I walked into a group of students selling toys and asking for money for the children in the local hospital that will be spending their Christmas alone and sick. The toys they were selling were for toddlers and the money went straight to the hospital. Since the toys were not to my interest I brought the toy for seventeen dollars and donated it to the hospital. Little things that don't seem to matter really can make a difference.

It's mandatory for all resident students to have a meal plan with $1,300.00 and having it is the end of November I find myself with a lot of money left over on my storm card. So instead of letting the money be returned to the school what I think I may do is give it to shelters. Buy canned foods and other food for the poor and donate it to the Red Cross or even the campus ministry.

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