Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gray's Anatomy!

While Grey's anatomy is rising up in the rating for television shows, so is the color gray! The new black of the season is heading toward the clean color of gray. The color freshens up the traditional fall wardrobe full of blacks and browns. It's flattering on any complexion and as a neutral, it works with almost every color of clothing or accessory, even yellow gold. Designers all over the world are putting gray into their season collection. Gray is the color to buy now. If you take a walk down Madison or fifth avenue an look into the store windows the manikin's are dressed in gray from head to toe. Gray is even making its may to cosmetics and nail polish colors. Millions of people are running to the stores this season to buy out limited edition collections of silver/gray cosmetics. Not only will people be dressing in gray suits for work but also in gray for a Sunday afternoon or even a Friday night out!!

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